Revopoint POP 3Dスキャナーの最終ロットが出荷され、さらに朗報が・・・

Dear Backers,

Two weeks have passed and we have accomplished many things! Here we bring you the good news about project fulfillment as promised! Please read till the end for the “Easter egg” we have prepared!

Project Fulfillment

The last batch has been fulfilled, and there are already more than 4,000 POP 3d scanners in our Kickstarter backers’ hands! All of the packages for the last batch were handed over to the logistics companies on May 21. Most of the tracking numbers were sent.

In case you fail to track your parcel, they were stuck at the place of the logistics agency for their freight space being in short supply.

revopoint POP クラウドファンディング kickstarter

Quick Quiz about Delivery and Invoice

1.Mobile Box and iOS lighting cable Delivery

The accessories (mobile box and iOS lighting cable) with batteries are left because they need to be shipped separately. Battery-related goods are in the dangerous goods control list, and we are applying for the document: Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods. It’s expected to hand these accessories over to the logistics company in 12 days. Please stay tuned!

2.Backer Survey Submit

While most of the backers have got fantastic 3d models with the POP 3d scanner, some backers haven’t submitted their Backer survey, and we can’t deliver the products to them. If you are not sure about whether you have sent us your survey, please log in to your Backer survey with the email address associated to your Kickstarter account and submit the survey before May 25. We will ship your reward before May 31.

3.How to Get Your Invoice

We have noticed that many backers asked for their invoice. Soon, our official store will send you a link for an invoice. Please confirm whether your invoice information (billing address, VAT, and other information) is correct. If it’s all ok, please download your invoice; or contact us.

4.POP Connection Issue

If your POP can’t connect to your device, please visit our forum: for help. There are support materials and professionals there waiting for your arrival.

Problem Parcels Handling

While delivering your parcels, FedEx probably needs your help for customs clearance and address information confirmation. Please keep your phone available so that we can complete your order together.

Otherwise, you shall need the following information:

1.If you want to change your address:

Please visit, and purchase Shipping for address changing in the price of USD 15, and leave your note on shopping card.

To make sure we deal with your address changing order timely, you can send your order No. to

2.If you refused to pay the customs charge, your parcel will be returned to China;

You shall bear the freight charge to China and China customs clearance Fee.

3.If the parcel has been returned and you want Revopoint to re-send the parcel to you, you shall bear the freight charge to China, re-shipment fee, and customs fee, in a total of about 150US$;

(All expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by you, and the cost arising therefrom include but are not limited to the above.)

Thanks for your support and understanding!

TCT Asia Expo and Revopoint First Live Event on May 26-28

As the shipment goes well as scheduled, the Revopoint team has tried something new: we are preparing our first live event at TCT Asia 3d printing Expo on May 26-28!!!.

revopoint POP クラウドファンディング kickstarter

The live event episode 1 will start on May 26, 11:00 am (GMT +8), include the venue tour, FAQ, and giveaway activities of POP 3D scanners.

Where to watch:




And the live event, episode 2, will start on May 27, 2:00 pm (GMT +8), including introducing the POP 3D scanner, scanning workshop, and giveaway activities of POP 3D scanners.

Where to watch:



3. Instagram:

Don’t forget to watch it and join our Giveaway on the Live Page! Prizes are waiting for you!

Winners will announce on June 15

Good luck to you all!!!

revopoint POP クラウドファンディング kickstarter

You are a member of the Revopoint family since the day you backed this project. We really appreciate it and will provide better products and services to you. Please pay attention to the next Kickstarter update or our Forum:


Revopoint Team